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About us


HiGrade’s Mission

Our mission is to enhance agriculture by making agronomic expertise accessible to all. We believe that knowledge-based decision making is critical to anyone who wishes to become a professional cultivator. We are a team of cultivation enthusiasts with solid backgrounds in plant science and algorithm development. With our synergistic capabilities in plant science and machine vision, we developed a tool that can bring agronomic knowledge to the masses.

Cultivation, Then and Now

Since the agricultural revolution tens of thousands of years ago, cultivation of plants has played a major role in the success of human civilization. Only a few had access to critical know-how, and they instructed farmers, who had to comply. Times have changed, and the industrial and information revolutions put more power into the hands of the cultivators themselves.

Nowadays, technological advances allow more and more people to cultivate crops new and old, with movements like urban farming and indoor cultivation becoming more prominent. Yet cultivation expertise is still a barrier to entry for many. For example, it takes years of experience to be able to diagnose a crop’s health issue and match it with the right solution. For decades, expert cultivators have been using their trained eye to diagnose their crop’s status. Visual inspection methods are being used for detection of disease, nutrient imbalances, and plant maturity, among others.

The Cannabis Knowledge Gap

In the multi-billion dollars cannabis industry, there is an even greater lack of access to cultivation knowledge, due to historical reasons. Prohibition has left cannabis cultivation in the dark for the last 80 years, as scientific research in cannabis has been heavily restricted. Cannabis experts are scarce, and trusted know-how is hard to find. Anyone who ever tried to grow high quality medicine from cannabis, knows that it takes a lot of research and expertise. At HiGrade, we bridge the knowledge gap and help cannabis cultivators who strive for perfection get better results through expert diagnostics.

Empowering Cannabis Cultivators with Machine Vision

Through a process called machine learning, we trained our deep learning algorithms with datasets equivalent to decades of cultivation experience, creating the first artificially-intelligent cannabis expert! Since June 2016 we have been providing cannabis analytics to growers from the US and Europe, refining our system and focusing on what matters to them the most.

Each time one of our users snaps a photo of their plant, our patent pending algorithms analyze it to detect the plant’s status. These algorithms automatically detect different patterns, relevant to the plant’s condition. Many of these patterns are only visible using optical magnifications, like accurately identifying pests or pre-harvest inspection. This is where the HiGrade Scope comes in handy, turning your phone into a powerful microscope and allowing our algorithms to analyze the plant’s condition.

A New Vision for Agriculture

With hundreds of users worldwide, our robust system is able to analyze plants across different strains, cultivation methods and capturing devices. The cannabis industry is a great starting point, and we envision our technology disrupting many more agricultural markets. We wish to be leaders in the precision agriculture space, building towards a future where more people have access to healthier food and medicine. We invite you to join us on a journey to the future of agriculture.

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