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HiGrade App
HiGrade Kit
HiGrade Kit Box
HiGrade Kit Box
HiGrade Kit Box
HiGrade Kit Box
HiGrade Kit Box
HiGrade Kit Box
HiGrade Kit Box

Test for %THC in seconds with the HiGrade kit

Accurate on-the-go THC testing:
  • Instant dry flower potency testing
  • Mold detection
24/7 cultivation advice
  • Harvest time optimization
  • Water and nutrient balance
  • Early detection of diseases, mold and pests
  • Early sex identification
  • Personalized plant recommendations
One year subscription included.
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Product description
Instantly test the quality of your cannabis flowers straight from your phone. Three photos is all you need to get real insight into the health and quality of your bud. No lab equipment necessary! Analyze your plant’s quality and THC potency by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and HiGrade’s proprietary testing algorithm. Turn your camera phone into an accurate, portable testing station so you can better understand the product in front of you.

Cultivating your own plant? HiGradePRO is the ultimate on-the-go lab and cultivation center. Turn into a master grower with personalized cultivation advice that enables you to diagnose and treat plant disease, balance nutrients and find the optimal time for harvesting. Be able to test all of your flowers for active compounds so you can accurately maintain quality and consistency.

The HiGrade Kit includes a unique activation code as well as a smartphone accessory that will turn your phone camera into a high resolution microscope.

Width 4.5 cm
Height 6.8 cm
Color Black & Silver
Material Plastic
Battery LR41
Warranty 6 Months
The following phone models are not compatible with the current HiGrade scope:
• OnePlus 2,6,6T,7,7T
• Samsung S5 or lower, Galaxy S8, S8+, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy Note 9
• Moto G7
• Rugged (hardened) phones (CAT S41, Sonim XP8, Panasonic Toughpad FZ-E1)

  1. KilllSwitch420USA | 2019/12/30
    Love this app!
    If you’re one of those people who like to know what kind of weed your getting, this app is it. You can even have an expert help you with growing your plant and will let you know any issues that your plant may be going through. Highly recommend to anyone
  2. BossinOver IUSA | 2019/12/27 & CannaCook.Tv Approves!
    We have used this device on over 10 different strains and this has been accurate every time! It’s extremely easy to use! Fun to post the results to our viewers!
  3. Yak023USA | 2019/12/26
    Amazing! I now have a clue as to the amount of medication I’m taking in. So nifty!
  4. HardnoxxcultivationUSA | 2019/12/22
    Way cool!
    I am so excited as well for ur cbd and hemp testing as I own a hemp farm in North Carolina
  5. won't zoom inUSA | 2019/12/22
    Fun to see the thc levels instantly
    It seems to have different results per strain. I like it.
  6. GDP_55USA | 2019/12/22
    Works great!
    Works exactly as advertised. And I’d say it’s quite accurate from what the thc ratings compared to what the cannabis clubs list as. Have only once had it significantly off. And the weed honestly didn’t look as high rated as they had it listed. But coulda have been from the bottom buds. So many variables. But this this is very accurate!
  7. Toot5353USA | 2019/12/21
    Good JoB
    Works Great love the product!!!!!!!
  8. DenwotegGermany | 2019/12/20
    Meega good idea, and really well implemented just a little expensive for a stoner 😅 For the possibilities but fair I think.
  9. Le GulFrance | 2019/12/18
    Bon achat
    Après avoir acheté un microscope de poche à 20 euros ou je me suis rendu compte qu’il fallait prélever (ramené au magasin), je suis tombé sur cette loupe *45 adaptable sur portable pour 60 euros, rien que ça c’est déjà un bon achat, mais avec le service en plus qui me sert pour savoir quand récolter c’est vraiment bien, réponse très rapide (15mn mes deux dernières demande). Seul bémol, l’anglais lol, Google traduction m’aide pour communiquer avec le service. Je conseil sérieusement cette application surtout si vous êtes novice comme moi et que vous voulez de bon conseil en toute discrétion...