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Frequently Asked Questions

General (7)

What can I test with the HiGrade app?
HiGrade provides instant plant analytics. Our app helps cultivators and consumers know more about their plants, using artificial intelligence algorithms.
The app has three main features:
1. (Free) Grade - instant general grade assessment for cannabis flowers.
2. (Pro) Potency (%THC) - instant potency analysis for dry flowers from THC-only strains.
3. (Pro) Grower - cultivation assistance, regarding any questions or issues you may encounter during your grow cycle.
To unlock the Pro features, order your HiGrade Kit today. Inside the kit, you'll find the activation code for the app and a Scope required for the %THC and Grower features.
Is the HiGrade app free?
Yes, there is a free version containing the Grade feature. To access the Pro features (%THC and Grower), you’ll need to order the HiGrade Kit.
Where can I order the HiGrade kit?
You can order the HiGrade kit from our website, through the HiGrade app, and from Amazon (USA only). You can also purchase it from selected retailers around the world.
What is included with the HiGrade kit?
The kit includes one HiGrade Pro app activation code (QR) and one HiGrade Scope. The activation code activates the Pro app for one year, allowing you to perform up to 400 analyses per month.
Why should I buy the HiGrade Scope to activate HiGrade Pro?
When you purchase the HiGrade Kit, you are buying both the Scope and the HiGrade Pro activation code. The code unlocks the Pro features (%THC and Grower). The HiGrade Scope is necessary for the Pro features to work; this is because it turns your phone into a microscope, allowing you to capture images of the trichomes and other microscopic structures on cannabis flower. Our algorithms analyze these structures to evaluate the cannabinoids content in your flower (for the Potency feature), and to accurately predict harvest timing, detect pests and more (for the Grower feature).
What if I already own a magnification device, can it work with the app?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. The HiGrade app & algorithms were trained to work specifically with the HiGrade Scope. Although similar models exist on the market, we manufacture the HiGrade Scopes which we ship to our users, and oversee strict specifications and QA, assuring it will fit our service. In any case, to unlock the Pro features you would need the app activation code that’s included with the HiGrade Kit alongside the Scope.
What does HiGrade mean?
High-grade is an old school slang term for high-quality cannabis, still used today in cool places like Jamaica. Since we developed a Hi-Tech system to grade cannabis, we fused them together and got HiGrade 😊
I purchased the HiGrade Kit or subscribed to HiGrade Pro and now I can't access the Grower feature. Why is that?
Due to legal reasons, HiGrade must adhere to local cultivation laws in your area. If you are a licensed medical grower, please email a copy of your official medical grower's license to and we will authorize access to the Grower feature.

The HiGrade Potency Test (9)

Why should I care about potency testing?
Cannabis flowers vary in potency tremendously, even if they are taken from the same plant. In order to properly dose its consumption or to know how much it’s worth, cannabinoid content is usually the number to look at. Since cannabis testing today (through HPLC) is destructive, only 0.5% of flowers are being tested. This means that labels on cannabis flowers are usually misleading, and there’s a need to test flowers individually to know what’s their potency.
How can you evaluate %THC from a picture?
Over the last few years, we have developed a patent-pending method, by which image analysis algorithms analyze magnified cannabis images to evaluate THC percentages. The magnified cannabis images contain trichomes and other microscopic elements we use to evaluate the potency with. Our patent-pending method is tested with HPLC, regulatory approved labs. Three photos from different areas of the flower are required (to account for in-flower variability), which we then analyze on our secured servers and send the results back to your phone in just a few seconds.
What is the accuracy of the Potency test?
The current deviation average (RMSE) for the THC testing is 15% (statistical), which translate to about +/-3% THC on average. We calibrated our algorithms with many HPLC tests from regulatorily approved labs in the USA and EU. We are currently working on a white paper to be published on our website to elaborate further. This accuracy value is true only when testing dry flowers originating in THC-only strains (normally having less than 1% CBD).
How does HiGrade compare with HPLC tests?
Per one sample, an HPLC test has the potential of being much more accurate than a HiGrade test. However, since an HPLC test is destructive, and cannabis flowers have natural variability, labeling an entire batch on a single HPLC sample can be misleading (see “Why should I care about potency testing” section above). Moreover, there have been reports on a deviation in results between different HPLC labs, due to different calibration methods and testing protocols, among other reasons. Finally, in many countries the regulatory standard the labs need to withstand is 85% (statistical), which is comparable with the HiGrade potency test’s accuracy.
Is the HiGrade test intended as a replacement for HPLC tests?
The HiGrade test is not supposed to be used as a replacement for HPLC tests demanded by regulatory bodies. Regulators require potency test in the form of HPLC tests as part of a larger set of tests – mostly ones for ensuring safe consumption (tests for chemical and biological hazards). It is not intended for self-dosage or pricing - anyone familiar with the HPLC method must know it is destructive, so you cannot consume the same flower that was tested by HPLC. HPLC testing is all about batch testing, which may be good for potency testing with concentrates (since they are homogenous), but not for the botanical product (cannabis flowers) which are inherently variable. Labeling an entire batch based on one test - not accounting for that variability - is misleading the public. This is what HiGrade tries to correct - we provide an evaluation for each and every flower in a non-destructive manner, empowering consumers to really know what they are putting in their body.
Does the test damage the plant in any way?
Not at all, you’ll just be taking photos of it using your phone's camera.
How long does the test take?
Depending on your internet connection, it can take as little as 5 seconds, and usually takes less than 30 seconds.
What happens if I test a CBD plant?
Since our algorithms trained on plants from THC-only strains (normally having less than 1% CBD), testing hemp or high CBD plants may result in less accurate results. We are working on a test that will enable to test CBD flowers as well, but in the meantime, know that the HiGrade test is intended for use with dry flowers, from THC-only strains.
What are trichomes?
Trichomes are tiny, hair-like organs on the surface of leaves. They are sometimes referred to as "crystals" or "frost" on cannabis flowers. In fact, many plants have trichomes which they use for chemical or physical defense, among other uses. Most people don't even know they're surrounded by trichomes all the time - a little-known fact is that the cotton we use for fabrics, clothes, etc. is actually a bundle of trichomes the cotton plant produces. In cannabis, trichomes are the major "factories" for production of THC, CBD and the rest of the cannabinoids.
What is the right humidity level the bud should be in for it to be tested?
The bud should be fully cured and have a Relative Humidity of approx. 60 RH.

The HiGrade App and Scope (6)

I got the kit, how do I upgrade?
Open the kit’s lid so you can see the QR code that’s inside. In the app’s menu screen, press the “PRO” button, press “I already have the kit,” press “Ok, Got It.” Scan the QR code and that’s it!
What are the scope’s specifications?
- 30X magnification
- LED light with an automatic light switch
- Fits 99% of phones (please see the next question for incompatible models).
Which phone models are incompatible with the HiGrade scope?
On some newer Android phones with a camera situated very low in the center of the phone, the scope may not fit.

The list below contains the phones that are not compatible with the current HiGrade scope:
• Samsung Galaxy S5 or lower, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S10+
• iPhone 13 pro, iPhone 13 pro max, iPhone 14 pro, iPhone 14 pro max
• OnePlus 2,6,6T,7,7T, 8
• Moto G6, Moto G7, Moto G Play, Motorola Z4
• LG V60 ThinQ 5G
• Rugged (hardened) phones (CAT S41, Sonim XP8, Panasonic Toughpad FZ-E1)

If you ordered a kit and it doesn't fit your phone – send the kit back within one month of receiving it, and we’ll give you a full refund.
Will my info stay confidential?
Yes – we at HiGrade consider our users’ privacy as a top priority. Therefore, we don’t collect your IP address or mobile device location. We also keep our users’ database in highly secured servers.
Does the scope work with my phone’s case?
Usually yes. For very thick cases, in some phone models, you may need to remove your case to use the scope properly.
Can I use the app while offline (without internet connection)?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. The algorithms we use to analyse your images are installed on our servers, not on the app you download to your phone. Each image is sent to our servers and processed, while only the result is sent back to your phone for the app to display it.

Payment and shipping (7)

Do I have to order the kit to use HiGrade?
The HiGrade Pro features (%THC and Grower) are available only to users who purchased the kit. The free feature (Grade) is available to anyone who downloads the app, for free.
Where can I buy the HiGrade Kit?
You can order the HiGrade kit from our website, through the HiGrade app, and from Amazon (USA only). You can also purchase it from selected retailers around the world.
I saw the Scope on a different site for much cheaper. Why are you charging more for it?
The HiGrade Kit includes the HiGrade Pro activation code, which accounts for most of the kit’s price. The scope itself is being rigorously tested after it is manufactured specifically for HiGrade. Should any mechanical fault be found with the Scope, HiGrade will replace it for you free of charge.
Are there hidden costs? Shipping, taxes, etc.?
The total price on the HiGrade website includes shipping costs. For taxes, VAT and custom clearance please refer to our shipping policy.
What is the refund policy?
You may return the HiGrade Kit within 30 business days after receiving it. Please ensure that the item you’re returning is repackaged with everything that was included when you received it. Once we receive your item, we'll issue a refund.
When will my order ship out?
Orders have a processing time of 1-2 business days. Once dispatched, an email will be sent containing the tracking number for the parcel.
What are the standard delivery times?
Overall shipping times vary depending on location. Some general estimates would be:

- US: 7-14 business days

- EU: 7-14 business days

- Canada: 7-14 business days

- Rest of world: 14-19 business days
What happens when my subscription expires?
When your subscription expires the App with automatically revert to the free version.

In order to continue to use the Pro features you'll need to resubscribe.
I didn't receive my purchase or shipping confirmation email?
Please check your spam folder as these emails can end up there.
Why haven't I received my order yet?
Your shipping address may be incomplete or non deliverable. Please check your email for a message from HiGrade regarding this issue.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, international orders outside the USA may be delayed up to one month.
What do I get for the cost of $80?
The Cost of $80 covers the HiGrade scope and unique activation code which provides access to the HiGrade Pro services for 1 year. This includes the %THC testing feature and Grower feature. The Grower feature is only available in regions where recreational cultivation is permitted or with proof of a medical or commercial cultivation license. After the initial 1 year period has expired, the annual subscription fee is $80 per year to continue using the HiGrade Pro features.